With our ongoing efforts to make your next camping trip the best ever, we have added some awesome add-ons.

Simply select your options while booking your RV trip

Add on Equipment

We all have memories of family vacations, so at Sphere Rental. We try to cover every option to make it just like you remember.


    Now you have made it to your destination for the adventure of a lifetime. But time is always short and with this electric scooter you can get around and see much more than just walking. And have a little fun getting there also.


    If you have the right venue, this add-on can completely change your adventure. 24 foot movie theater comes with speakers projector and power cords. Everything you need for an amazing outdoor theater experience.


    One of our family traditions is to play laser tag in the woods at dusk.. It is our boys number one request for camping activities. With up to eight players and multiple options like free-for-all and teams. Experience the endless fun of laser tag with this high end laser tag equipment.


    Add some fun and competition to your adventure. With this portable cornhole set. Includes everything you need and is equipped with LED lights for night time games.


    Because you've always wanted to play a giant version of connect four in the outdoors. We have added this awesome upgrade.


    Great for multiple players around the picnic table. Settle that argument from the night before with a fun game of Jenga.

  • Old fashion, popcorn, popper

    Old fashion, popcorn, popper Stove top popcorn popper. One popcorn kit included. Inquire for additional.

  • Old-fashioned ice cream maker

    One of our family traditions is to make homemade ice cream. So we offer this amazing old fashion maker at no cost. 6 quart hand crank ice cream maker.

  • Countertop ice maker

    Being able to make your own ice while camping is awesome The ice is the clear ice cubes you get from convience stores and fast food joints. Very delicious! Summer Time Adventure Necessity!!

  • Countertop dishwasher

    With all the amazing nature to explore. Who has time to do dishes? Save water and time with this countertop dishwasher. Instead of wasting money on disposable dinnerware. Add this awesome upgrade to your adventure...


    The ultimate coffee experience. Take the time on your adventure to enjoy the small things. A pour over coffee is said to change your daily outlook..


    Experience a refreshing morning, coffee with this cold brew coffee maker. ->70% less acid ->Smooth ->Full flavor ->Healthy


    The ultimate kit to get your fire game on. -> Hatchet -> Fire tongs -> Survival torch -> Fire poker -> Camp shovel -> Fire extinguisher


    Portable fire pit with 360° airflow design to create a smokeless experience. The solo stove fire pit is stainless steel. And comes with a carrying bag to keep it clean between campsites.


    Cook over a fire and make either dessert or dinner in this handheld sandwich grill. Simply use pastry or pie crust. Or even a piece of bread for an amazing grilled cheese pizza.

  • Dutch oven cooking kit

    Whether you're simmering soups, baking bread, or slow-cooking meats, a Dutch oven is a reliable and essential companion for any epic camping trip.

  • Starlink satellite Internet

    Unlimited high-speed Internet with Built in Wi-Fi. The perfect addition to your adventure. Stream a new movie for the kids before bedtime. Or catch up on emails after a long day of exploring nature. Or join a video conference right from the middle of nature.

  • 200W Solar Panel

    Suitcase style 200 W solar panel. Design too easily capture the suns energy while your RV is still in the shade.

  • Portable Grill

    The portable gas grill brings the capabilities of a full-size grill to any gathering. Its lightweight construction allows for effortless transportation, making it perfect for traveling, parties, and on-the-go picnics. Prepare to elevate your BBQ experience wherever you go!

  • Portable griddle

    COMPLETE GRILLING STATION: Incredibly convenient motorhome compatible gas griddle w/ 12,000 BTU includes an adjustable flame controller TEFLON COATED GRIDDLE: Non-stick cast iron griddle plate ready for cooking; over 260 sq.in. cooking area with even heat distribution

  • Pizza oven

    That's right make your own pizza. This pizza oven simply sits on top of the portable griddle and can cook a great pizza in four minutes. This is a great add-on because we include the. Portable griddle, which gives you additional options besides awesome Pizza...

  • Grill and griddle combo

    This add-on will cover all your outdoor cooking desires. Two burner portable camp chef stove. With grill box and reversible griddle. Great for steaks or French toast and hashbrowns in the morning. This combo unit will cover all the cooking options.

  • Ultimate outdoor kitchen

    Big enough to feed a family reunion. For burner 36 inch griddle. This is definitely not the small portable griddle we offer. But if you are going to do some serious outdoor cooking, this is the ad on for you. I have fed a party of 30 breakfast lunch and dinner on this thing. No problem.

  • Tundra hauler yeti cooler

    Planning a long adventure and need extra room for drinks. Add this large yeti cooler and keep your beverages frosty. And if you're going into bear country, don't worry. It's fair proof.

Add on services

At Sphere Rental, we’ve endeavored to anticipate your every need with our wide array of add-on services. However, should there be anything we’ve overlooked, please let us know.

  • No hassle trailer. Return.

    No hassle trailer. Return.Want a simple return? We will refill propane (does not include cost of fuel) and empty holding tanks. We will also complete basic cleaning (sweeping, mopping, cleaning the stove, and light cleaning of the bathroom) to get you on your way fast!

  • No hassle RV return

    No hassle motorhome return. Want a simple return? We will refill propane & gas (does not include cost of fuel) and empty holding tanks. We will also complete basic cleaning (sweeping, mopping, cleaning the stove, and light cleaning of the bathroom) to get you on your way

  • 8 AM trailer pick up appoint-ment

    Start your vacation early and pick up your travel trailer at 8 AM. Enjoy your getaway until 6 PM on your final day when you'll need to return the trailer.

  • 8 AM motor-home pick up appoint-ment

    Start your vacation early and pick up your motorhome at 8 AM. Enjoy your getaway until 6 PM on your final day when you'll need to return the motorhome.

  • Off schedule pick up/drop off

    Pick up and drop off is arranged according to your itinerary. And is available anytime from 9 AM to 6 PM."

  • Bedding package

    One sleeping bag. One bath towel. One hand towel. One washcloth. One pillowcase and pillow. One flat sheet.

  • Install customer bike rack

    Install and Secure customers bike rack. To ensure safe and reliable travel.

  • Empty, holding tanks.

    Let us take care of your black and gray water holding tanks at the end of your rental. Not the funnest thing to worry about at the end of a great trip. So take a vantage of this add On and let us do the hard work.

  • Refill propane

    We can refill the propane tank for you at return for a small fee plus cost of fuel

  • Refill motor-home fuel tank

    We can refill the gas tank on the MotorHome at the end of your rental. For a small fee plus the cost of fuel.

  • Towing behind motor-home

    Bringing along additional toys. Max trailer weight allowed 3500 pounds. Trailer must be present at departure. If trailer is above 1500 pounds and not equipped with surge brakes. A wireless trailer brake controller will need to be rented or equipped to trailer.

  • Wireless trailer, brake con-troller

    If your toe vehicle doesn't have a built-in trailer, brake controller, we have you covered. We can add this simple and easy to use wireless trailer, brake controller get it set up and adjusted to the vehicle and trailer. And get you on your way.

  • Airport pick up/return and off schedule departure

    We can pick you up in our large SUV. Take you to the MotorHome and get you on your way. All scheduled around your itinerary. With room for up to five occupants and luggage. We can help you get on your adventure in no time.. Available between 9 AM and 5 PM

  • Grocery services

    Groceries Service. We can save you time and stress and get you on your adventure with a fully stocked motorhome. And no need for you to worry about which grocery store to go to. Contact us for details.

  • Unlimited generator use

    When you need to use the generator day and night. We can save you some cost. Buy pre-paying for unlimited use.

  • Portable trailer generator

    3500W Remote start generator will, Run your AC and all other 110 V equipment with our remote start generator. No need to leave the trailer to turn it off in the evening or on in the morning.

  • 1000 extra miles

    Motorhome rentals include 100 miles free per day of rental after that it's $.35 per mile. If you are planning a long trip in a short amount of time. Pre-pay for your miles and save on overages. Only $.30 per mile.

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