Ever thought about buying a motorhome?

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Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about buying your own motorhome? Hitting the open road and embracing the freedom of the nomadic lifestyle? It’s a tempting idea for many, but let me share a recent experience that might give you pause before you take the leap.

Let’s take a glimpse at Steve’s journey with picking up our new motorhome. Over just two days, he encountered a series of unexpected obstacles that tested his patience and resolve. From emergency plane landings to missed connections, from culinary mishaps to logistical challenges, Steve’s adventure was anything but smooth sailing.

Imagine being stranded due to a diverted flight, scrambling to find alternate transportation in the wee hours of the morning. Then navigating through unfamiliar territory just to pick up a rental car. Add in the frustration of misplaced baggage, the struggle to find basic supplies like propane, and the constant battle against nature’s elements, including treacherous crosswinds and a terrible, icy snowstorm.

Despite the setbacks and hurdles, he pressed on. Overcoming each obstacle with resilience and resourcefulness. And finally, amidst the chaos, he managed to bring home his prized possession: the new motorhome.

The story doesn’t end there. Steve’s journey serves as a reminder that the road to adventure is rarely smooth, but it’s the challenges that make the triumphs all the sweeter. Despite the setbacks, Steve returned safely with this new motorhome, a testament to his perseverance and the support of those cheering him on from afar.

Don't Forget!

After you buy a motorhome, there’s other things to consider. Outfitting, Maintenance, Upkeep and Repairs keep us really busy all season long! They really are a lot of work, and if you don’t have the expertise, it can get pretty costly.

In Conclusion:

Before you embark on your own motorhome escapade, take heed of Steve’s tale. Consider the highs and lows, the unexpected twists and turns that may lie ahead. As well as the several months we spent before hand, researching makes, models, and securing financing. And remember, while the journey may be fraught with challenges, renting one of our motorhomes, will save you the hassle and work that goes into buying a motorhome!